Thunken Philosofers

Welcome to the Thunken Philosofers Podcast!

A police officer, an opinionated digital marketer, and an easy-going bank teller get together every couple weeks to dive deep into a different topic. Hosts [Isaac, Brandon, and Blake] tackle politics, technology, science, and whatever else tickles their fancy with equal parts research, humor, and authenticity. Stay a while as we wax philosophical about the things.

Fire and rioters around the Capitol Building

Episode 10 – A Thunken Riot

Recorded with the riot at our nation’s Capitol fresh on our minds, this episode focuses on the police response to the insurrection in comparison to the treatment of protestors over...

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Thunken Philosofers in the back of a police car

Episode 9 – AACB?

Have a few bad apples spoiled the bunch? We discuss the historical role of police in American society and whether there is a need for change in this first installment...

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Laptop showing Twitter profile with phone featuring social media icons

Episode 8 – Social Media

What is social media’s impact in our society and our lives? We discuss the role of social media in our daily lives and our role in our social networks.

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Aliens UFO flying toward Earth

Episode 7 – Fermi Paradox

“Where are all the aliens?” We tackle the Fermi Paradox, the Drake Equation, and why haven’t made contacts with aliens yet.​

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Earth in the ocean

Episode 6 – Alternative Energy (Part 2)

In Episode 6 of Thunken Philosofers, we continue our discussion about alternative energy. Join us as we introduce the Paris Agreement before diving into the future of transportation and how...

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